Wearables That Are Definitely Only Suitable for the Home

Wearables That Are Definitely Only Suitable for the Home

Your choice of clothing is a wonderful method to convey who you are and your personality without ever having to speak. However, certain outfit selections are just destined for disaster and ought to never be seen in public. Here We learn about Wearables That Are Definitely Only Suitable for the Home.

Wearables That Are Definitely Only Suitable for the Home

Some people have an intense interest for fashion but no sense of style.

The Circle Of Doom = The Eternal Clench

Placing a circle on the back of a pair of jeans is already a bad idea.
However, elevating that circle to a nude hue elevates the situation considerably.

Yes, That Is His Baby’s Face

Nothing makes you want to show off your child to the world more as a new parent than to do so.
Making a collage of her face out of a shirt and pair of pants, though, might not be the best approach.

The Heels Have Eyes

These might not have appeared in an old-school horror film.
Though it’s still unsettling to consider that someone actually went ahead and adhered googly eyes to shoes.

Fashion Look: That One Chair In My Bedroom

This is essentially what that one chair would look like if it came to life—you know, the one you throw all your dirty stuff on when you’re too exhausted to organize it.

For When You Don’t Feel Like Showing Off Your Own Toes

Ever consider what it could be like to don sandals without showing your feet?
I haven’t either, but it’s obvious that someone thought this was preferable than a straightforward closed-toe option.

What A Crappy Dress

Brown, blotchy patterning is typically a design faux pas when creating clothing.
Worst pattern utilization goes to that brown, splotchy design in the middle of a dress back.

Guess The Hood Has To Stay Up

Wearing clothing items that support a particular cause is a terrific way to raise awareness without having to put much effort into it.
Just be careful that the hood doesn’t portray your emotions incorrectly.

Crocs, But Make Them Goth

You’d be correct if you assumed that Crocs were a type of footwear only worn by grandmothers who enjoy gardening and children at the beach.
However, it won’t stop others from attempting to fashion them.

A Great Way To Destroy The Sheer Illusion Of The Dress

Dresses with sheer mesh are currently popular because it creates the appearance that nothing is there.
But when you put the loudest zipper ever through it, it kind of gets destroyed.

These Boots Were Made For… I’m Actually Unsure

I have no doubt in my mind that these boots are wildly uncomfortable to walk in.

So I can only imagine their purpose is either for fashion or to scare off any cowboy who’d dare to engage him in a duel.

To Set The Record Straight, This Shirt Is A Nightmare

Not only is the button in the worst placement possible for this shirt, but the three-dimensional shadowing on the shirt really makes it a true nightmare.

No amount of love for vinyl could make me wear this.

Ladies, Want To Relive Your Highschool Fears?

There was nothing like being a teen girl and having to manage your changing body while attending classes, just hoping you wouldn’t have a red surprise on the bottom of your pants!

Why would they recreate that feeling in skirt form?

These Cost $168, By The Way

You have heard of jeans with holes in them, but have you heard of holes with jeans around them?

Not only will they do nothing to keep you warm, but you’ll also look like a fool wearing them!

Ah, Yes—My Favorite Dinosaur

The golden rule of sewing while using a patterned material is to make sure that the pattern lines up at the seams to avoid accidents like this:

The two-legged stegosaurus with no neck.

Horse Girls Are Evolving

Most of us remember that one girl from primary school who used to run around at recess and pretend that she was a horse.

Now she has grown up to become this.

ote To Self: Never Wear A Brown Dress In A Pool

In general, I would not recommend wearing a dress to go swimming.

But you definitely should not attempt to go for a dip while wearing a dress with brown accents.

Always Be Wary Of Pattern Placement

A patterned dress might look really good on the rack, but you should always make sure the pattern translates nicely when worn on a body.

Just so you don’t end up looking like this.

I Would Like To Un-See It

There are some things that should just never be mixed together:

Ketchup and chocolate ice cream; battery acid and brussels sprouts; a Nike running shoe with laces and high heels.

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