people whose great sense of humor outshines their disability or illness

people whose great sense of humor outshines their disability or illness

When it comes to disease, injury, or other forms of disability, we sometimes have to deal with the cards life deals us. In this article we learn people whose great sense of humor outshines their disability or illness.

great sense of humor

And it’s not simple; the able-bodied, who frequently lack awareness of how difficult it is, are the ones who built the world.
The 60 people in front, however, do it with a fantastic (and even wickedly sarcastic) sense of humor, regardless of whatever difficulties they may encounter. In fact, studies suggest that maintaining optimism in the face of less-than-ideal circumstances can enhance a person’s quality of life.
Particularly disabled people rate their level of life satisfaction at parity with or greater than able-bodied people.
We can understand why these people wake up smiling if they have a sense of humor as these people do.

1. OMG, my leg!

When a Redditor’s friend lost his leg in a motorbike accident, he started pulling practical jokes like this to make the most of the situation.
This is a trick that was played on April 1 in a nearby park.
And we just wish we could have witnessed the expressions on onlookers’ faces.

2. Operation: humor

To amuse herself and the physician, this young woman donned this shirt for her fifteenth procedure.
Sadly, the surgeon wasn’t funny enough to have seen enough Spongebob Squarepants. (And in case you haven’t, here’s why it’s amusing.)

3. They’re fake and they’re fabulous

How absurdly funny is this shirt?
Definitely more entertaining than a double mastectomy.
However, this cancer survivor continues to find things to grin about.

4. Throne on wheels

On Halloween, some of the funniest visual humor for people with disabilities is displayed.

We were not only amused by this, but we are also in awe of how incredible the entire setup is!

5. Specific instructions

This Navy veteran chose to get a tattoo that would make his surgeons laugh after having to have his leg amputated.
Just pray that they didn’t laugh too loudly during the process!

6. Land shark

Although this man had already lost a limb, he undoubtedly retained his sense of humor.
Only a few months had passed since his amputation, but he was already adjusting.

7. It makes us want to laugh and cry

Because it sometimes feels so accurate, we laugh at her clothing while also crying for ourselves.

One reader said it best when he wrote: “I love how accurate this is that everyone, no matter the Country, is all, ‘Yep.'”

8. Crip ship

“Crip” (as in “cripple”) is a term used exclusively by persons who have a disability, thus you can’t use it if it doesn’t apply to you.
You can still make fun of this vanity plate, though.

9. T-rexin’ and flexin’

His arms are too short for most sweater sleeves because of his arthrogryposis.
However, he was able to identify the T-rex as his spirit animal, which made this sweater ideal for the circumstance.

10. Eerie costume

When this woman had ear surgery, she took the opportunity to dress up as Van Gogh.

And she absolutely nailed it!

11. Cancer is evil

A Redditor uploaded this picture of their mother and wrote that, at the time of Halloween, she was in the eighth week of chemotherapy.
She chose the ideal costume.

12. Bionic limb swap

These two amputees chose to switch limbs so they could have a quick picture shoot.
They are a rather odd couple together.

13. What are you lookin’ at?

At the VA hospital, a Redditor noticed this patient and made sure to take a picture of his shirt.
It’s true that when they encounter someone who seems odd, people can’t help but look, but it’s also OK to call them out on it.

14. Fair warning

He made sure it wouldn’t happen again after his hearing-impaired friend struggled to communicate with the police during a traffic stop because he was having problems comprehending them (and they assumed he was intoxicated because his speech sounded slurred).
This wonderful sticker should put any misunderstandings to rest.

15. His “better half”

Right, they say that opposites attract.
This guy discovered his “girlfriend” at the mall and came to the conclusion that they “completed” each other.

16. Pre-chemo shenanigans

When this guy had his chemotherapy chest port installed, he made the decision to have a little fun with photography.
Too bad it’s just Bud Light, but hey, everyone’s different.

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