Photos That Will Make You Feel Smarter

Photos That Will Make You Feel Smarter

I am aware that calling someone “dumb” or any of the other disparaging terms used to describe someone who are intellectually challenged is not polite. But I guarantee that if you read this essay through to the conclusion, you’ll feel much better about your IQ. These instances could have been the result of a “genius” in the making or perhaps a brief mistake in judgement in certain cases. Whatever the inspiration behind these pictures, the result is always the same: a confidence boost and a few belly laughs!

She looks worried that she is wrong!

We should probably give this poor woman a break because it is undoubtedly challenging to think when under pressure. On the other hand, if she believes that the enormous rock in the sky that governs our tides is larger than an elephant, then perhaps not. Unless she is aware of something we are not, in which case Guinness could be a better choice for her to speak with than Millionaire. While I cannot speak for you, I am rather confident that no amount of pressure could force my intelligence to fluctuate that much!

Water + Electricity = Bad Idea

You know how immensely proud these folks are of their creativity. They are probably all giving each other pats on the back, but a misplaced water splash could cause them to make entirely different arm motions. Although common sense should have prevailed in this case, the photograph is still accessible to make us all feel smarter than these people. You are aware that there was no woman nearby; else, this incident would not have occurred!

This is waterproof right? No!?

I’m sure she meant good. Here her beauty show. She simply wanted to take advantage of the lovely summer day by the pool and study while doing so. I have no idea why everyone is laughing. I believe that someone mistakenly believed that all contemporary technology is waterproof, much like her phone, but alas this is not, and you have just decided to upgrade your tablet because it won’t be useful for very much longer. No amount of rice will be able to change that, either!

I think it may be time to cut her off!

I knew she believed this would be a moment she and her friends would always cherish. Just maybe she didn’t think it would be for this, in my opinion. It might surprise you to learn that when you hold a bottle or glass on its side, the contents tend to travel in the direction of the opening and eventually find their way out. I believe we should give this delightfully intoxicated woman a break on this one because she has obviously had enough. She’s not usually this blonde, I’m sure.

Oh Yeah! Mine is bigger than yours!

Men have a DNA that causes them to constantly compete with one another. This is why absurd notions like this one come to pass; it is the mine is bigger than yours gene. I wonder if the person using this propane tank—which, by the way, is filled with a highly flammable substance—to construct a larger flamethrower realizes that he is literally playing with fire. It should go without saying, but playing with fire close to a flammable object is not a good idea.

Have you got me? Make sure you hold on tight!

To begin with, why isn’t the man holding his body paying more attention? He seemed irritated by the entire circumstance. He wanted to be the one to dangle over the edge of a building but his friend who seems to be the smarter of the two replied …umm you have a few inches on me so I am going to dangle over the edge instead okay. I’m not sure whether he gave the fact that he had just insulted the person who was holding his life in his hands any meaningful thought.

He still has some years!

Given that you are in the middle of the important mission, I realize it must be difficult to put down the controller, butShe might want to see your face if you want her to give you even a second thought. If you could just iron out a few kinks in your plan, I can see where you were going with this. Like not using duct tape to hold that phone in place and not having your face obscured by it…When you try to remove it, it will hurt!

What did the blonde say to the gas can?

Let’s light it up! Right, we’ve all seen the signs at the gas station. No smoking…risky…and such. Just so you know, my friends, when you fill up your tank with gas, it applies to any vessel you are filling as well. That implies it’s not a good idea to light up a cigarette while obtaining petrol for your lawnmower. It is obvious that this woman either cannot read or merely interprets it as a suggestion. Like the speed limit, you know!

He went past the point of no return!

Did his pals observe him doing this? If that is the case, he is not the only dreary crayon in the box. How many times did he pause and consider giving up? If only he had paid attention to the small voice telling him to halt and that it wasn’t worth it, those would be moments of clarity. But no, he only needed to demonstrate that they could fit and look well. How many children are watching the screen from outside and simply laughing at this grown man?

It works all the same!

Although it appears to be a mistake, perhaps this is the greatest way the helmet suits her head. You don’t know her life; it’s also possible that she put her helmet on in the dark. Be impartial. Okay, maybe you should pass judgment. Considering that this strap, which appears to be utilized as a lip strap, is actually a chin strap. That could have been the first red flag that things wasn’t right. But anyway, I guess it should continue to function the same…I hope!

A truer statement has never

If you don’t know how to accomplish this, I don’t think you should be allowed to even acquire your license. If you’re unsure, look it up on Google and perhaps on YouTube for a how-to video. Actually, you can do this at the gas station so you can follow along. You can learn everything there, as you can see. Even yet, if you don’t want to use Google, simply observe someone else using the pumps. Monkey see, monkey do, you know!

I told you I could do it myself!

He is currently beaming, but when he actually begins to dive, his smile will be upside down. The use of this mask seems to be mostly self-explanatory to me, and I sincerely hope that it is to the majority of people. It has a spot for your eyes, followed by a strange triangular area.What purpose does that serve? This is the reason they don’t come with written instructions, but the manufacturers of these masks ought to think again before doing so. Some of us don’t understand the idea!

Right back at you, buddy!

You apparently barely passed the language section, so I hope taking the GED was worthwhile. He should have employed spell check or his fifth grader, there are so many errors on this sign. Do you know more than your child in fifth grade? In redneck heaven, there is no chance. You cannot even place the punctuation correctly, and yet he is the one who will restore America to its former glory. I won’t do it! Moron!

Do you smell something? Ahhhhh…

Everything is amusing until someone is burned! Although posting this on Instagram stories seems like a lot of fun, I’m not convinced it will be worthwhile if you don’t act quickly. If that is what was put there, then perhaps a brief cooling-off period would have been advised. The face on the bag says it all. The plot’s creators may have realized that this was not the clever joke they had anticipated it to be at that point.

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