14+ Celebrities We Never Knew Were Actually Extremely Fit

Celebrities We Never Knew Were Actually Extremely Fit
Celebrities We Never Knew Were Actually Extremely Fit

In this article we tell you about different Celebrities We Never Knew Were Actually Extremely Fit. There are many female fitness models but here we discus male models. Oh, you believed Kumail Nanjiani to be suitable?

In fact, he is. However, his disclosure of his challenging fitness path has us considering other unexpectedly fit celebrities.Who knew they were in such amazing shape on top of the fact that we already adore them for their minds?We must thank this Twitter thread for leading us down this jacked celebrity rabbit hole.

William Jackson Harper

When Chidi, played by William Jackson Harper, appeared shirtless on The Good Place on NBC, it sent shockwaves through the internet.

Who knew Chidi had all of that concealed beneath his demure sweater vests?

Billy Eichner

Billy on the street has obviously been working out in order to get ripped.

Okay, judging by those arms, perhaps he was working out in the gym. In either case, he is very fit.

Steve Carell

We must begin with one of the more unexpected ones. According to rumors, Steve Carell got so high during filming The 40 Year-Old Virgin that Michael Scott’s role on “The Office” had to be changed.The cause? He was too appealing to play the role of “a David Brent clone.”

Jeff Bezos

The fact that one of the wealthiest men in the world is jacked shouldn’t come as a surprise, yet it does.

One humorous Twitter user put it this way: “That’s from lifting his wallet.”

James Van Der Beek

On Dawson’s Creek, the crying is no longer simply a gorgeous face! When he participated in Dancing With The Stars, James Van Der Beek got into a tremendous amount of shape.

Stanley Tucci

kay, so those of us who have been following Stanley Tucci’s films for a while are aware of this, but just in case you’re unaware?

The actor Stanley Tucci is very, very fit. Thank you very much.

And the answer is yes.

Yes, we could sit and watch him mix drinks all day. Who can blame us?

Ben Stiller

No one ever sees this one coming, but Ben Stiller has been swole for a while. From Dodgeball to Tropic Thunder to Meet the Parents, he’s been fit under our noses the whole time.

Tom Hiddleston

Watched Kong: Skull Island, guys? Not just because Tom Hiddleston’s arms are out of control in it, but also because you should see Kong: Skull Island. It’s a great movie, too.

nonetheless, weaponry.

Alfonso Ribeiro

Firstly, that tweet legit made me laugh out loud.

Apparently, much like Chidi, Carlton was also hiding a stacked body under his innocent sweater vests. Good for him, that funky little nerd.

Conan O’Brien

No one is more surprised than I am, trust me.

See, here’s the thing… Conan has abs. And pretty sculpted arms. I know, I didn’t see this coming, either. Congrats to you, Conan.

And, of course, Seth Meyers.

The man who kicked the whole thread off in the first place actually wound up joining it.

The man can toss babies, break 2x4s, and succinctly and humorously inform you of the day’s news in 13 minutes or less. Goals.

Anderson Cooper

Smart and a snack? You bet your butt that Anderson Cooper is the whole package.

Whether he’s fighting for democracy on CNN or gay rights online, Anderson Cooper has got all your handsome dude bases covered.

Oh, and he’s a dad now!

Biceps? A baby? The color blue? Whatever it is you’re into, this pic has a little something for everyone.

Hank Azaria

I mean, those of us who have seen The Birdcage were already read in on this one, but in case you didn’t know?

Yeah, Hank Azaria is super in shape. Those arms? I’m shook.

Manny Jacinto

There are two jacked guys on The Good Place, and I am here to prove it.

Manny Jacinto, aka Jason, aka the reason I know who Blake Bortles is, is extremely good at going to the gym.

Kumail Nanjiani

Ah yes, the reason we’re all talking about this in the first place: Kumail Nanjiani.

He got in shape and then some for his role in Marvel’s The Eternals. When he revealed his new look to the internet, he made sure to note how unrealistic his transformation is. That honesty is everything, y’all.

Josh from *Blue’s Clues*

Yes, the sweet and nerdy Joshua Dela Cruz who’s filling in Steve’s original spot on the kid’s show Blue’s Clues is actually jacked under that sweater. Who knew!

J.K. Simmons

You may recognize J.K. Simmons from things like Law & Order, Whiplash, and the Farmer’s Insurance commercials.

Yup, the Oscar award-winning star of the Farmer’s Insurance commercials is swole af.

And one more for good measure because, come on… It’s J.K. Simmons.


For anyone counting, he’s 65 years old.

Carrot Top

Yes, that Carrot Top. Prop comedian, actor, and apparent gym rat. Just look at those arms!

And just in case you couldn’t get enough of his curly orange locks…

Bonus Carrot Top for your viewing pleasure!

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