These Tattoos Are Wrong In So Many Ways

These Tattoos Are Wrong In So Many Ways

Most people are quite passionate about ink. Some youngsters view it as a symbol of defiance or even as a means of artistically expressing their passion. Then there are those issues that really make no sense. It’s likely that you’ve seen a few tattoos on people that have made you question, “Where in the world did they get the ideas for this?” Now these tattoos are also consider in fashion fails.

These Tattoos Are Wrong In So Many Ways

They go beyond being works of art. If you can’t pay to get them removed with a laser, tattoos are works of art you carry to your grave. Some of us had tattoo designs in our dreams when we were 18; now that we have them, we’re not entirely satisfied with how they turned out. We have a number of tattoos that make us seriously face-palm. They’ll induce thought before plunging.

Piercing Eyes

Our modest opinion is that they ought to be locked up. Women will tell you that having unattractive eyebrows is the worst thing you can do to your appearance. He went one step farther and had a silent protest imprinted after shaving it off.

No matter how long you are imprisoned for, we don’t care. Self-harm cannot be justified by the fact that you may or may not have committed the crime. Regain the shape of your brows and make them black. The emotions of the jury cannot ever be touched by this.

Mistaken Identity

He gained notoriety on a long-running television program as a stand-up comedian. His name appeared as the title. So it makes sense why he would be so beloved. There are times when the road less taken is less taken for a reason.

If you don’t know the exact name, it’s less travelled. Not Jimmy Seinfeld, but Jerry. It matches the face. As a result, someone might start to question if Jimmy Seinfeld had a twin brother. He refuses. Carolyn is the name of his sister. It is now evident that there was a severe typographical error.

Norma Jean

She is well known for being Marilyn Monroe. She made a number of memorable quotes, one of which was “Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius, and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” With a hint of comedy, this design has a little bit of everything.

We find it lovely since it pays homage to one of Hollywood’s greatest sex icons. And it’s frustrating that, other from that cross-eye, the entire tattoo is flawless. Monroe argues that it’s preferable that this is absurdly funny than uninteresting.


This picture reminds me of the reassuring mushroom-humanoid from Mario’s franchise, which I grew up with. He most likely crossed paths with you and your friends while you were playing Mario Party or Mario Kart. But you probably had no idea he could appear that unsettling.

Well, in September 2018, it became popular due to a poor reputation, like this tattoo. Although that would have been adorable, it appears that she is allergic to it. The tattoo’s margins appear blurry, and she has raised, lumpy skin. Her body has recognized it as an irritation with clarity.

Going Bare

Try this substitute if you don’t have the money to buy a new pair of shoes. It has a cool appearance. Because the laces appear to be genuine, we would not have assumed that was his bare foot. Or perhaps it’s just the color of the image.

He would have to wear socks when wearing shoes, thus it loses its attractiveness. He won’t be leaving the house barefoot, is he? It will hurt to hear that. However, a number of people have gone to great efforts to display their conception of “beauty” or “art”. With those kicks, we can infer that he moves quickly.

Milky Way

What does she do with her clear, creamy skin, which is apparent from the outside? The galaxy is tattooed on her chest for a few hundred dollars. And karma is how the cosmos answers.

While some ladies would kill to have flawless skin, others think freckles from tattoos are cool. It’s wonderful to see a phoenix rise from the ashes. A dove or an eagle will enlighten you. However, ink smears across the breast are not. Perhaps she ought to choose a turtleneck top? for apparel! Don’t make things worse.

No, Don’t

Over the years, this firm brand has produced cutting-edge sportswear. It makes sense that it would hurt one’s wallet quite a bit, given how ugly its design is. Don’t. The only situation in which you shouldn’t do it is this one.

We don’t even understand what those lines in his lower back stand for. He looks like a prison inmate standing against the wall with his bare back and his slumped back. Care to file a suit for trademark infringement? This artist is putting Nike to shame.

Tupac Shakur

Born in 1971, Tupac rapped his way through the music industry and became a voice for many Black Americans to identify with who had suffered injustice through racial discrimination. He was gunned down in 1996 and has been commemorated through by many fans, such as this.

Just to paint a mental image of Tupac: he has an oval, angular face with a wide forehead. He kind of looks like Demetrius Shipp Jr. but a slimmer version. Once again, we had to do some research to figure out who this Tupac guy is. Because that tattoo does not bring to mind Shakur.

All You Need Is…

A new artist, that’s definitely what you need. Whoever drew this ill-fated tattoo didn’t do their faces any justice. It’s absolutely horrifying. Had it not been for the trademark we would not have known it was McCartney, Harrison, Lennon, and Starr.

The iconic cover of the Revolver album should invite conversation, but instead ,the only motivating force we feel is fear. And we would pull back from our appointment if it would lead to a lifelong scar as this. He can’t even see the damage because it’s on his back.

Fuel For Success

It looks like the haters, in fact, may have come out on top. We love that this expression defuses hate and criticism, but some people have skin types suited for ink. Best believe us, we are not judging based on jealousy or negativity. See for yourself.

Her skin is mottled up. It’s red and blotchy. Even from our seats, we can feel the bumpy texture. It could be due to the usual irritation right after getting inked, or she had sensitive skin to begin with. How about putting ice on those haters?

Suckling Toddler

All we can say is yikes. If we were his mum, we would suggest bottled milk, or pacifiers in between. We wouldn’t want that tongue anywhere near us because we don’t know where it will wind up. What do you think?

It kind of looks like a sock wedged between his mouth but we are not really sure. Tongues do have slight webs, and papillae. Maybe that’s what those lines are. Next time, the artist should practice on paper and not on skin.

Stamp Of Disapproval

When anyone subjects himself to a tat, he ought to think of a really “cool” design, not a logo or icon that you can avail at a dollar store. That’s what those stamps are for. They come in colors beyond red and black, just in case he’s feeling bored.

It seems there is a loner on his left leg, a sad face in a throng of smileys. Maybe that’s symbolism right there? Too bad we can’t ask him why he chose this design, or we had even bothered getting inked. There are socks with this design.

Nice Cut

Eyes at the back of his head, literally! Had we sat on a row behind him, we would look much like this man’s face. The only thing that’s realistic with this tat is that nose. It was shaded just right. It even looks like it was smudged with a lead pencil.

Second, nice haircut! Is he one of the recessive victims of male pattern balding? Or does he enjoy a hundred dollar cut to keep those eyebrows and moustache fleek? Whatever the reasoning, good luck trying not to have nightmares about this creepy tattoo.

Adam And Adam

This time, there is no blaming Eve. The serpent enticed Adam and had himself inked on this man’s skin. So far, this one of the wackiest tattoo designs we’ve come across. It looks so surreal that we can imagine just how rugged those scales are if we trace them with our fingers.

Unfortunately, you wouldn’t want to go in public like this. How could you sell yourself so short if you advertise that you are a cheat or a modern-day Judas. No woman would ever want to receive kisses on the cheek from you. Now begone, apostate!

Failed Artist

You probably have seen some cute pictures of some people. In such cases, we would say, they captured their right side. Due to the rarity of such a person getting beautiful shots, the person in the picture had decided to get the shot tattooed on her skin. This tattoo artist is not an artist.

He could have done better with words, we guess. We sure hope that she didn’t throw a fit after seeing this. Remember the show on YouTube “How Far is Tattoo Far?” This right here is precisely an example of what counts as too far.

The Vigilant One

Nothing scares us quite like an intimidating stare, and this one is bound to make you uncomfortable too. Why, then, would anyone want to pass on as “the vigilant one”? Going on a journey with someone like this can never be usual.

You would have to stay wide awake throughout the journey. What we keep asking ourselves is why on earth, would anyone have decided to get such a scary tattoo? The person in the picture would have done better with his concept if he had only taken some time to think about it.  

Grocery List

Which is worse? That the tattoo was from a list of food? Or that the choice was in a foreign language? You’ll agree that it is weird enough that the choice came from a menu. But it’s worse since it’s in a foreign language.

This guy should have thought about his tattoo idea much better. It was a bad choice to have it done in the first place. It boggles our mind to see that he didn’t even check the meaning of the word twice. We highly discourage you from adding foreign text to your body.

Stitch Causes Nightmares

The makers of the Disney character Stitch had a lot of fun in mind when they created the characters Stitch and Lilo. We’re sure that giving kids nightmares was not on their list of characteristics they hoped for their new creations.

Whoever designed this abominable tattoo clearly thinks otherwise. Instead of looking all warm and appealing, Stitch will surely make kids flee in terror looking like this. He looks like he came from another planet aside from planet 626. Perhaps planet 62678967676?

Eminem Or M And M?

As confusing as the question above might sound, what exactly does the tattoo here suggest? Is this a tattoo of the famous rap superstar, Marshall Mathers (Eminem), or a mixture of Eminem and the candy with the same name? Why would they want this image to be permanently drawn on their flesh?

Eminem did not get his name from a candy. He got it from a merger of all of his names. Probably, the person with the tattoo had thought he got the name from the candy. That is the only reason anyone has to draw Eminem this way. It looks Eminem when he’s had too many blue Skittles.

Sea Creature Love

This young man could have gone on to get the tattoo of one of the popular Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. But, no! He had other ideas. For him, he would want nothing else but the real deal. After all, this tattoo isn’t bad at all. The placement, though, is ghastly.

He must love turtles a whole lot to keep this on his head. He could have tattooed this anywhere else on his body but he went for his head. Do you agree with the placement of this? We’re appalled but slightly intrigued by it.

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