People Who Broke The Internet With Their Beauty Fails

People Who Broke The Internet With Their Beauty Fails
People Who Broke The Internet With Their Beauty Fails

When it comes down to it, trying to look attractive is incredibly challenging. You must prepare yourself by cleaning up, dressing nicely, doing your hair and possibly even applying cosmetics, and hoping for the best. In this article we discus about People Who Broke The Internet With Their Beauty Fails. Here we see different beauty fails and makeup fails.

Although it usually works out nicely, social media is a blessing for those occasions when it doesn’t.

She Looks Horrified

someone pulled their eye lashes off with a curler

If all of my eyelashes came off an eyelash curler like that, I would also be shocked. What if they never regenerate in the same fashion?

Next time, just stick to mascara.

She Blended Those In Well

someone with terrible extensions clipped into their hair

Extensions are challenging, agree? They just fall under the category of activities that you shouldn’t really perform alone at home.

Leave it up to the experts. It’s too challenging to get them right.

What Is Going On Here?


Wow. I’m not sure what to say about this appearance.

Is it her overly flawless makeup, the excessive amount of spray tan on her body, or both?

Because That Doesn’t Defeat The Purpose At All

woman wearing a face mask with a hole in it for a straw

I understand wanting to make masks less obtrusive and more appealing to people, but making a hole in them is so stupid.

People can just wait till they get home to sip their beverages.

What A Beautiful Tattoo

someone with a tattoo that says,

Usually, I don’t say things like, “Don’t you know that tattoos are forever?”

However, given that this is something entirely different on its own, it might be the exception to that rule.

She Looks So Oily

a makeup artist with really wet looking foundation

This, in my opinion, is what happens when your attempt to get a dewy appearance fails miserably.

She appears to have just returned from the gym or a particularly lengthy swim.

Yeah…The Power Of Scariness

someone tweeting about the power of makeup and they are not good at it

The similarities between the two images highlight how much of a clown she resembles when wearing that kind of makeup.

That’s not all she needs! It’s frightful!

My Dad Could Do Makeup Better Than This

bad makeup job

This Reddit member explained that their younger sister treated herself by getting her cosmetics done for a birthday celebration.

She ultimately chose to wear this outfit, which was regrettable. To make matters worse, it cost 60 euros, or about 70 dollars.

Is That An Oompa Loompa?

someone looks really orange with their makeup done

Her face is SO orange, and her pale, slender arm close to her head makes it appear much more orange.

But I respect the commitment that was made to treat her entire neck.

The Ultimate Perv Test

someone wearing an emoji skirt

whether you want to see whether they make a joke about your dress when you’re out on a date, this might be the ideal outfit.

And if they do, simply disregard them.

Blue Is Really Her Color

someone accidentally dyed their whole selves blue

Note to self: if you dye your hair a fancy color, don’t do it at home.

And if you’re going to do it at home, try and protect your face.

What Is Going On Here?

someone's hair looks like it is painted on

Did she draw on her hair with a Sharpie marker before leaving the house?

People are allowed to be into different things, but this looks kind of like wet tarmac.

Are These A New Kind Of Cowboy Boot?

girl wearing boots that looks like hooves

This is the kind of cowboy boot you wear if you like that Western chic style, but from the perspective of the horse.

I’m just kidding, that doesn’t even make sense.

Always Watching

eyelashes on back of airplane seat

Instead of forgetting her wallet or passport on the plane like a normal person, some poor woman lost her eyelashes.

Perhaps she just got sick of having those huge caterpillars on her face.

Winnie The Pooh Has An Only Fans

pants that look like they are Whinnie the Pooh

The person who made these had to know, because they even went so far as to wear a red shirt.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to look like a sexy Winnie the Pooh.

Her Face…She’s Devastated

someone with badly curled hair

She could not be more upset than she is. Is it the curls, or is it the bangs?

Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the combo of both.

“Close Enough”


These makeup gurus on YouTube are out here completely flexing on us with their skills while we’re pausing and rewinding the video ten times just to catch what lip liner they used.

In the end, you’re so emotionally drained you don’t even care if you nailed the “unicorn frappuccino” eye look or not.

Channeling Her Inner Snooki

makeup selfie on a kid

One makeup artist decided to give a younger client a full-on face of makeup, and post it on her Instagram for the world to see.

As you can tell by the caption, this little girl is only eleven years old. Someone call up Toddlers In Tiaras, because we may have a new pagent queen on our hands.

Beauty Is Pain (And Embarrassment)


Kylie Jenner might have made big lips a thing, but I can promise you it’s not worth it.

Now this girl has to walk around with hickey lips just because she tried to attain a false sense of beauty.

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