Tattoos That Prove You Can’t Trust Everyone With Your Body

Giving someone permission to tattoo you implies that you have complete faith in them.
You had best pray there wouldn’t be any blunders because tattoos are almost always permanent. Yes, you can always try to get it covered up or removed, but that will cause extra agony and may not always produce the desired results.

tattoos That Prove You Can’t Trust Everyone With Your Body

Here are some of the worst tattoos ever, which serve as a warning to not put too much faith in others. In this article we discuss about Tattoos That Prove You Can’t Trust Everyone With Your Body. Mostly people lice tattoos.

Tattooed Freckles Look Like Blackheads…

It doesn’t seem too unusual to get freckles tattooedexpertson you, but you don’t want them to appear like this.
She appears to require a fresh skincare regimen.

Hershey’s Kiss?

A properly executed Hershey’s Kiss has a lot of promise. This diminutive piece lacks imagination and appears to be completely different.
Perhaps this person ought to cover this up.

What If This Was Your First Tattoo?

Would you adore it if it were your first tattoo at the age of 15?
Hopefully not, although I’m not sure if this person still has the error on their body.

Is That Jesus?

Wow, this one appears to be intriguing. I’m curious to know the recipient’s feelings after seeing this for the first time.
Do you believe it fulfilled all of their expectations?

“I Survived Because The Fire Inside”

How can you tell someone you care about that the ink on their body is a disaster?
Did she intend to use lettering in the ransom-note style?

A Lion-Woman Thing??

First, let’s take a look at the chin. It appears to be a genetic mutation you wouldn’t want your worst enemy to experience.
The shading is also inconsistent, although I’m not an expert.

Do You Know What This Is?

This initially appears to be two forest animals standing next to one another.
The more you consider it, the more confusing and odd disaster it appears to be.

That’s Interesting To See…

Now that you know, women do fart. If you see this tattoo, you won’t ever need to question about that again.
The fart detail is the crazy part.

Scribbling Done Well

Okay, this one was for sure done by a 4-year-old.

There’s no other way to explain what in tarnation is going on here. I see a horse and a bunch of random sentences.

Something Seems Wrong Here…

I can’t put my finger on it, but it looks like something is wrong here.

The colors seem right, but this princess has arms that bend like they don’t have any bones.

The Moon Is Personally Offended By This

The moon is one of the most consistently beautiful elements of our world, so I can understand the desire to get a tattoo of it.

However, this is borderline insulting to it.

Imagine Having The Audacity To Call This A “Great Job”

If anything, this is the opposite of an endorsement because if I saw this, I would never trust this person to give me a tattoo.

Also, I’m judging the choice to put the worst Joker portrayal onto their body permanently.

Harry Potter Or John Lennon?

Do you love the magical teenage hero from the beloved children’s series or do you love the Beatles band member who was assassinated?

Well, you can get the best of both in one terrible tattoo!

Luckily, Things Can Get Better

Even if you trust your skin to an inexperienced artist and the tattoo turns out horribly, there are still great tattoo artists who can do a coverup job.

That way, you can turn it into something you’re proud of.

He’s Just Really Passionate About USB Ports, I Guess

I love technology and everything it allows us to do just as much as any other person.

But I can’t imagine being so passionate about USB ports that I would put the symbol on my body forever.

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