Uncomfortable Looks That Make You Wonder What These Stars Were Thinking

In this article we learn about Uncomfortable Looks That Make You Wonder What These Stars Were Thinking. We see different looks of celebrities. Some famous people use the proverb “beauty is pain” as an excuse to run wildly onto the red carpet and other stages.

Uncomfortable Looks That Make You Wonder What These Stars Were Thinking

Some celebs know how to make a statement with their uncomfortable-looking clothes, whether it be with gravity-defying headdresses, violent-looking jewelry, or a weird frock that may or may not smell like meat.

These famous people did whatever it took to look good, from Cher’s trademark massively bejeweled headpieces to the mother of all things uncomfortable, Lady Gaga.

16-Feet Of Fuss For Rihanna At The 2015 Met Gala

Even though Rihanna’s “China: Through the Looking Glass” Met Gala outfit in 2015 turned heads, it was nonetheless uncomfortable. The 16-foot train on the yellow fur-lined outfit must have been incredibly heavy.

The fact that so many individuals are invited to the Met Gala each year should also not be forgotten; therefore, Rihanna definitely had more than one person tread on the unique Guo Pei item. I’m sorry, Ri-Ri, but this look wasn’t really “functional.”

Cher’s Heavy Bedazzled Headdress

I don’t know about you, but we have no idea how Cher managed to perform with wearing such a huge headpiece. Yes, wearing a complex headpiece is very Cher, but that doesn’t make it any lighter.

Just picturing the heat trapped on the crown of her head beneath the weight and fur makes us all damp. After all, she is on stage and surrounded by a ton of lights!

Z LaLa Had All Doors Removed So She Could Wear This Dress

In order to wear this garment on the 2016 Billboard Music Awards pink carpet, singer Z LaLa must have had all of the doors to her house and car removed. The cage dress could not have arrived at the occasion in any other way.

We have no idea how uncomfortable this artist must have felt that night because it is impossible to think how she could sit down or be near a crowd while wearing that cage dress!

Celine Dion’s Feathers And Sparkly Fringe

Celine Dion made a statement at the 2019 “Camping” Met Gala with her foot-high feather headdress and silver fringe dress. Although she looked beautiful in a manner that only the My Heart Will Go On singer can, we can’t help but feel that her evening attire was really uncomfortable.

She probably had to duck beneath every doorway she encountered, and we bet that during the night, fringe caught into the clothing of more than one star.

Lady Gaga’s Finger Jewelry

We’re not sure how Lady Gaga managed to do anything at her fragrance launch party while wearing those finger decorations, even though they appear really sophisticated and elegant. They are slightly longer than her actual fingers and appear to have a highly pointed tip.

She had to take her hands off either every time someone came over to congratulate her on her new fragrance, Fame, or she didn’t shake hands with anyone that evening. Not to mention the restroom problems that would arise from hearing those things!

Miley Cyrus Took A Risk With This Balloon Dress

Miley Cyrus took a chance in 2015 when she wore this balloon dress to the MTV Video Music Awards. We’re interested in what would happen if one of the letters pops in addition to how it feels like a second skin for the performer.

The answer is that it would hurt terribly! However, Cyrus is renowned for her unconventional sense of style. Therefore, we would assume that uncomfortable, difficult-to-sit-in clothing is par for the course.

Lady Gaga’s Mile-High Red Shoes

Lady Gaga's Mile-High Red Shoes

Even though Lady Gaga is well recognized for her eccentric attire, some of her shoes definitely stand out. Consider the crimson platform heels with a mile-high heel she wore to the 2016 Grammy Awards.

We feel as though our ankle bones have broken apart just by gazing at the shoes. We don’t know how the singer managed to walk down the red carpet all night long while maintaining that high dress cut. Gaga undoubtedly have superhuman abilities from birth that had nothing to do with her vocal prowess.

Solange Took The “Through The Looking Glass” Theme Seriously

Solange Took The

Please inform us if you know how Solange Knowles was able to eat at the 2015 Met Gala. Because it appears that the artist’s eccentric attire would be uncomfortable to wear for the whole of an evening and would prevent her from eating, drinking, or even touching others.

We are aware that each year’s Met Gala has a different theme, but Solange, you didn’t need to take the “through the looking glass” motif so literally that all that was visible was your neckline.

Kristen Stewart’s Subtle Waist Training At The Met Gala

Kristen Stewart's Subtle Waist Training At The Met Gala

We’re not going to lie; actress Kristen Stewart looks gorgeous in her “Charles James: Beyond Fashion” themed outfit for the 2014 Met Gala. With the edgy dress and orange side-swept hair, Stewart stayed true to her rocker persona.

The only thing we’re questioning is how she’s subtly waist training on the red carpet. Truly, that corset-looking silver piece couldn’t have been comfortable to wear the entire night. And we can’t imagine how difficult it must have been to sit down.

Gigi Hadid Didn’t Want Anyone Hugging Her

Gigi Hadid Didn't Want Anyone Hugging Her

Honestly, if model Gigi Hadid wanted people to give her some space, she could have just hired more bodyguards like other celebrities. Instead, she opted to wear a studded leather jacket that would put every biker to shame.

Seriously, that jacket is better utilized as a weapon than something to keep you warm. Not that it is necessarily uncomfortable, but we can imagine Hadid has pricked her hands more than once, going for a shoulder itch or something.

Beyonce’s Embellished Latex Number At The Met Gala

Beyonce's Embellished Latex Number At The Met Gala

When we look at Beyonce’s 2016 Met Gala gown, three words come to mind: sweaty, smelly, and squeaky. For the “Manus x Machina: Fashion In An Age Of Technology” theme, she sported a dress made entirely out of latex. If you’ve ever felt the material before, then you know it is the last thing you want your clothing to be made out of.

The material is not forgiving, doesn’t breathe, and makes a horrible squeaking sound with every movement. Sorry, Queen B, but this orange sherbert Givenchy gown looks beyond uncomfortable.

Kate Bosworth’s Chest Plate Must’ve Weighed A Ton

Kate Bosworth's Chest Plate Must've Weighed A Ton

In 2016, actress Kate Bosworth stunned on the red carpet in a beautiful Dolce & Gabbana dress and headpiece. And while the gladiator-meets-red-carpet look was perfect for the “Manus x Machina: Fashion In An Age Of Technology” themed Met Gala, we can’t help but think about how heavy the embellishments are on the top of the dress.

Bosworth is tiny, so we’re surprised she didn’t topple over from all of the weight in that one centralized location. Her abs were probably working overtime to keep her upright!

Brie Larson Is Just Asking For A Paper Cut

Brie Larson Is Just Asking For A Paper Cut

Brie Larson always looks gorgeous on the red carpet, but we have to question her dress choice during the 2016 Met Gala. Yes, the silver sequined dress looks harmless enough. But if you’ve ever given yourself a paper cut from one of these circles-of-pain, then you know there is more to that gown then meets the eye.

The actress is just asking for multiple little cuts all over her body with that dress! And that’s not even including all the people she hugged throughout the evening who will go home with stinging arms and fingers!

Grace Jones And This Starfish-Octopus Hybrid Shirt

Grace Jones And This Starfish-Octopus Hybrid Shirt

It’s very hard not to love actress Grace Jones but very easy to be questioning her fashion choice at the 54th Cannes Film Festival. During the premiere of her film Va Savior, Jones sported what can only be described as a starfish-looking octopus hybrid shirt.

Not only does it look vastly uncomfortable for her arms, of which she has to maneuver to those two slits in the arms if she wants to do anything with her hands, but the hood is doing nothing for her.

Alessandra Ambrosio Probably Didn’t Eat Wearing That Belt

Alessandra Ambrosio Probably Didn't Eat Wearing That Belt

During the “Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology” themed 2016 Met Gala, model Alessandra Ambrosio went all-in with her fashion choice, sporting a custom-made formfitting silver knitted dress.

And while she looked stunning, we can’t help but think that giant silver belt didn’t do her any favors when dinner rolled around. All we can do is hope the area the belt is covering didn’t have any cutouts, or else the model most definitely had some unfortunate indents later that evening!

Who Can Forget Lady Gaga’s Infamous Meat Outfit

Who Can Forget Lady Gaga's Infamous Meat Outfit

If there is one insane outfit Lady Gaga has rocked on the red carpet over the years that still has us scratching our heads, it’s the infamous meat dress of the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards. Not only does the dress look sticky and uncomfortable, but she went ahead and opted for a meat accessory on her head!

Who in their right mind wants a slab of meat in their hair? And if that wasn’t enough, her feet are in mile-high meat wedges. We don’t want to know what that outfit smelled like by the end of the night.

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