Tattoos That Were Covered Up In The Best Ways Possible

Tattoos That Were Covered Up In The Best Ways Possible
Tattoos That Were Covered Up In The Best Ways Possible

In this article we learn about Tattoos That Were Covered Up In The Best Ways Possible. now tattoo are in fashion. Everyone, from the wealthy and famous to regular Joes like you and me, is affected by the ubiquitous phenomena of bad tattoos.

You’re in the proper place if you want to feel a little less embarrassed about your own ink regrets or maybe you just want to judge some impulsive folks.


Pikachu tattoo cover up =. Pikachu painting himself on easel

One approach to remedy a past error is to do that! By making it the focal point of their new tattoo, this ingenious artist sought to modernize their previous tattoo.

They actually are evolving like a Pokémon in their ink.

Paris, the happiest place on Earth… Wait

Paris Hilton Disney tattoo covered by Silverback Gorilla

Chris Zylka, Paris Hilton’s ex-fiancé, determined that the tattoo of a Disney character he had received for her wasn’t a memento of their intended happily ever after.

He went to Chronic Ink in Toronto to have a ferocious silverback gorilla cover the daring Paris tattoo.

It was always about Marge

Tattoo cover up Mary to Marge with Marge Simpson

His heart may have once belonged to Mary, but Marge Simpson will always hold it.

It only seems sense that this guy chose to pay homage to Marge Simpson to hide the fact that things with Mary didn’t work out.

Pete Davidson the cover-up king

Pete Davidson Ariana Grande tattoo cover up

The master of being inked for love is Pete Davidson. He obviously still hasn’t understood the importance of covering those tattoos, though!

Pete received several tattoos in tribute to singer Ariana Grande while they were engaged, but they had to be covered up when they broke it off. He added a black heart over a mask from her Dangerous Woman album cover.

Nobody’s winning here

Denise Richards Charlie Sheen name tattoo cover up

In her autobiography, Denise Richards acknowledged that while they were engaged, Charlie Sheen surprised her with a commemorative tattoo.

She made the same decision and had his name tattooed on her ankle. Years later, “Charlie” was changed into a delicate fairy when she went to see famed tattoo artist Kat Von D.

An awkward translation

Zoe Kravitz Arabic tattoo cover up

The Arabic phrase “let love rule” was purportedly intended to be inked on Zoe Kravitz’s shoulder, but afterwards, followers pointed out that the translation was wrong. Yikes.

Although she started the process of getting rid of the tattoo, she ultimately went to renowned tattooist Dr. Woo to have the previous scar replaced with a dragonfly in place of the Arabic quote.

Big Sean be gone

Jhene Aiko Big Sean tattoo removal cover up

Jhene Aiko received a tattoo of a likeness of her sporadically romantic partner Big Sean.

She had most of her tattoos covered up with fresh artwork before the two parted ways. “I covered ALL my tattoos with a big Dragon with a Phoenix wing breathing life and light into a new galaxy,” she promised her followers. NEW ARTWORK in a since-deleted tweet, “NO BEEF!”

Keith Urban is all about Nicole now

Keith Urban tattoo cover up

Before Keith Urban was a family man alongside Nicole Kidman, he was a regular rockstar. He had the Latin phrase “Omnia Vincit Amor” meaning “love conquers all” tattooed with his then-girlfriend.

After meeting Kidman, he had the phrase covered with her initials hidden in a Celtic symbol.

No more Jenny from the block

Marc Anthony Jennifer Lopez tattoo coverup

During the course of his ten-year marriage to Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony got her name tattooed on the inside of his wrist.

Marc went to the tattoo parlor, however, to have his tattoo covered over by a symbol design when the couple filed for divorce.

That’s a seriously grande keyhole

Pete Davidson Ariana Grande tattoo cover up keyhole

During their whirlwind romance and engagement, Pete Davidson got Ariana Grande’s last name tattooed down his side in cursive writing.

He was later photographed with a giant black keyhole covering his ex-fiance’s last name.

“Always” but not forever

Ariana Grande Pete Davidson tattoo cover up

Pete Davidson wasn’t the only one who had to do some covering-up post split.

Ariana Grande also went through the process of modifying multiple tattoos she had gotten with her ex-fiancé. She had leaves inked over the phrase “always” written in Pete’s handwriting.

Heidi Klum divorced her tattoo

Heidi Klum Seal tattoo cover up

Heidi Klum once explained the tattoo she got to honor her then-husband, Seal, and their family.

But when Heidi and Seal announced their divorce, she began the process of removing his name from her arm. She still kept the stars she says symbolize their children.

At least they kept her hair the same

Tattoo cover up making the woman a devil

If you’re going to get a portrait tattoo you’re committing to having someone’s face on you forever.

This person decided that just because their exes’ face was on their body didn’t mean they couldn’t update the portrait.

The ink lasted longer than the relationship

Angelina Jolie Billy Bob Thornton tattoo cover up

Angelina Jolie famously dated, married, and divorced Billy Bob Thornton between the years 2000 and 2003.

During their whirlwind PDA-packed romance she got his name tattooed on her arm above a dragon. She soon after had it removed with laser treatment and eventually covered it with the geographic locations of her children’s births.

Johnny Depp didn’t learn

Johnny Depp Slim Amber Heard tattoo cover up

Johnny Depp didn’t learn from his Winona Ryder tattoo incident because when he was briefly married to Amber Heard he got her nickname “SLIM” tattooed across his knuckles.

After their bitter and extremely public divorce and defamation lawsuit, Johnny was spotted with the tattoo altered to say “SCUM” and “SCAM.”

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