Women Who Know Why “Beauty Is Pain” Better Than Anyone

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We’ve all heard some variation of the proverb “beauty is pain” since we were young children. Women are aware that there can occasionally be some discomfort before to the big reveal, whether it be with waxing, wearing high heels, or getting the ideal up-do. However, “beauty is pain” has a very different connotation for these ladies. On this list, we’ll discuss several typical aesthetic errors of “beauty is pain” and different Fashion, while also considering the worst-case circumstances. Some of these images are so horrifying, in fact, that they should serve as grave cautions to the rest of us. Let’s start now!

SOS, Major Explosion

While some of our previous cosmetic gaffes have resulted in actual bodily harm, this one has more of an emotional impact. After all, it really makes your stomach turn when a $40 tube of foundation spills all over your mirror rather than your face.

While it’s possible for this to appear to happen by accident, it’s more likely to do so if you’ve recently been on an aeroplane and your foundation has been expose to shifting air pressure. Even yet, there isn’t much that can be do to save the foundation in this circumstance.

I Said Curled, Not Cut

Eyelash curlers shouldn’t be trusted, as you can see from this list. It’s not surprising that they can cause your eyelid to go partially bald since they already resemble miniature Victorian torture tools. This person attempted to achieve stunning curled lashes but instead left with a missing hair in the middle of their eye.

Not simply because they tore out their eyelashes, but also because we feel bad for this person. Because there is nothing to cover with mascara, this will be quite challenging to conceal!

Tingling in the Wrong Places

When someone’s prefered product ran out, they reached for Original Source Mint Shower Gel, which led to this particular beauty gaffe being viral. Naturally, mint has a tingling sensation and tea tree oil has a powerful, almost medical aroma. This person chose to use this shower gel to clean themselves, but they used it inappropriately.

This person claimed that using Original Source Mint Shower Gel caused them to develop PTSD. Let that serve as a warning to everyone.

Pretty in Pink

It’s challenging to look at this photo without laughing out loud. Sorry, we realise it’s a mess in terms of beauty, but this person’s pink expression is just too much for us to handle. As you might have predicted, someone who used Lush Razzle Dazzle bath oil on their skin caused this excruciating beauty disaster.

It turns out that this specific bath oil is mean to be dilute and add to the tub rather than being applie straight onto human skin.

Promise to Patch Test

The humble patch test will be praise on this list multiple times, starting with this instance. For those who are not yet familiar, a patch test is when a product is place to your skin in a small patch before to a hair or beauty appointment.

As a result, you can check to see if you are allergic to the chemicals before applying them liberally to your body. This person went to a beautician to get fake lashes place, but soon discovered that the lower lash line was scorching and bald.

Don’t Grab the Gorilla Glue

Anyone who regularly uses Twitter is already familiar with Tessica Brown. Yes, this is the woman who, after running out of hairspray, turned to Gorilla Glue Spray Adhesive. Just a quick reminder that Gorilla Glue and ordinary hairspray are not suitable substitutes for one another.

One is a frequently use beauty product, and the other is a heavy-duty DIY item. Brown eventually found himself in the ER with a burning scalp and excruciating headaches.

Please, Avert Your Eyes

This person’s lovely, thick, and shiny hair makes this a challenging home haircut to look at. At least their hair will still be magnificent, thick, and shiny when it eventually needs to be cut into a bob as a result of this catastrophe.

This is an example of a quarantine haircut. We sincerely hope that before cutting into the hair, this person made an attempt to separate it. In either case, it is an offence against hair and should never be do again.

Scars and Scabbing

Many women are searching for thicker, more pronounced brows thanks to models with bushy eyebrows like Cara Delevingne. This can be done in a variety of methods, from a straightforward wax and tint to full-on HD brows. This person visited a salon and requested a wax, thread, and brow tint.

Because the brows in this image aren’t what they should be, something went wrong somewhere along the line. Her eyebrows were red, scratchy, and covered in scabs when this person awoke.

Plenty of Pus

If you haven’t already guessed, this list will be filled with a lot of graphic images. That includes a face like this one, which is covered in pimples loaded with pus. This picture was taken by a beauty blogger who underwent a facial and developed steadily worse skin.

That definitely isn’t how it’s supposed to operate, in our opinion. This person was happy immediately after their facial, but after a few days her skin began to break out in white-topped pustules.

Hold on the Heat Styling

Another genuinely legendary woman who understands that sorrow is necessary for beauty. When Tori Locklear tried to curl her hair and ended up burning off a part of it, the incident went viral. “My hair just burnt off,” the then-13-year-old exclaimed, and the internet laughed in response.

Not Feathered or Fluffy

It’s difficult to interpret this picture, but one thing is certain: those eyebrows are really in question. We assume that this person did not visit a salon to achieve this look since, if they had, the salon in question need to be immediately shut down. Instead, we believe that this person combed their own eyebrows into strands of straight, meadow hair.

But why would someone do this? These horribly feathery eyebrows are an unjustifiable crime against beauty.

Waxing Didn’t Work Out

Waxing is one of the top offenders when it comes to beauty and agony. After all, pulling hair from the follicle out of your skin won’t ever be painless. Naturally, some body parts are more sensitive than others.

The whiskers that could appear around your top lip are far more difficult to remove than hair from a tough leg calf. This individual decided to wax their lip and acquired a lovely crimson moustache as a result. Can we in the future suggest a hair removal cream?

Wanted, Waterproof Mascara

We must now hold this person accountable for their own cosmetic suffering because they could have easily averted it by simply investing in waterproof mascara. But not all of us have the insight to act in such a way. Maybe this person didn’t know that mixing sweat with black eyelash glue would result in streaks on the face, but it does.

This woman must have really been going at it because her face is unusually streaky. Generally speaking, it’s best to exercise barefaced.

Falsely Advertised Face Masks

Okay, there is a backstory behind this. A cinnamon face mask produced at home is suggested by a beauty blogger who claims it has “antioxidant, regenerating, and purifying properties.” However, because it can burn, cinnamon is actually not the ideal spice to apply to the skin.

Actually, the plant causes allergies, which is why it isn’t frequently utilised in skincare. Sadly, many users who tried this mask experienced scorched and irritated skin. Listen, there shouldn’t be any discomfort when using face masks!

Messed Up Microblading

What we have here is a person who intended to get their brows microbladed but got a complete disaster. We can’t emphasise enough how terrible these brows are. A tiny blade is used to draw hair strokes on the brows, which is essentially the same as an eyebrow tattoo.

You are meant to have full, realistic-looking brows after the procedure. This makes it quite evident that the microblading on these brows is improper. These strokes are considerably too broad and straight to be mistaken for hair strands.

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