Haircuts that raise a lot of questions

Haircuts that raise a lot of questions

Sometimes while getting a cut or a new style, you leave feeling totally disappointed since you didn’t receive what you asked for or expected. In this article we discus about Haircuts that raise a lot of questions.
This conversation is not about that.

We’re going to show you photographs of folks who made the decision to have a terrible haircuts on purpose. Or a haircut that many people would find absurd.

I’m positive that a large portion of these individuals are content with their current situation. Either it expresses their emotions or it represents who they are. Or it’s just an artistic medium.

Decide for yourself. Crazy or artistic?


Or is it 5:00 a.m.? The future? But from what I can tell—and this is just my own opinion—it appears that he should be shaving some hair off his back rather than the back of his head.

Is that a hook?

Although I can’t really tell what it is, it appears to be a hook to me. Or perhaps it’s a lengthy hairstyle pulled back in a ponytail. In any case, why?

Kyle is super happy!

So that makes me think Kyle needs assistance. Quickly! That is not a fade, either! It is also crooked. Clare in Chesterfield, though, is running a home-based business if you’re interested. Just remember not to say you weren’t warned.

Was he drunk?

not the man with the poor haircut. This is what his father did to him after he allowed him try cutting his hair. Dad either dislikes his son or was intoxicated.

He has beautiful eyes

He not only has beautiful eyes, but also beautiful lashes to frame them. Then his face turns to ash. That is so beyond my comprehension.

Embrace your baldness

He is obviously bald on top. I understand wanting to buzz the rest of it off, but do so quickly and without leaving a crazy ponytail.

What’s that saying?

Oh yes. Some people wear their hearts on their sleeves. Except this girl who wears hers on her head.

15, This isn’t the kind of thing that happens by accident

You know how you sit in the chair and look in the mirror while you’re getting your hair done? At what point while you’re looking at yourself do not realize that this is a huge mistake?

Yes, you really look like that

Is he admiring himself or is he staring at himself in shock? That’s like a little Pebbles Flintstone poof on the top of his head. And are his curls at the back of his neck to make up for what he shaved off the top? So many questions.

Went in for a cut

But I’d say he came out with a paint job. And some high gloss acrylic paint at that. Hope it doesn’t stain his pillows.

See that drink?

She has a drink of some sort in her hand. I think that explains everything. Because no person completely in control of their senses would allow somebody to do this to their head, correct?

Some things don’t change

We may think that people expressing themselves with weird haircuts is new. It’s not. The man in this picture was an artist who lived from 1890 to 1976.

I don’t think she’s happy

Most of these photos have been pictures of people who made a bad choice. They decided to get whatever ridiculous hairstyle they’re wearing. This case is a little different she went for a cut and she’s not happy with what she got.

Dr. Seuss

There is something about this that makes me think of Dr. Suess. My brain just goes there, and I don’t know why. Regardless, this is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen.

Care for a slice?

Okay, everyone loves pizza, right? I personally will admit to it being my fav food. But this is insanity. And he is smiling!


I hope this person is tall. Very tall. Tall enough that most of the people in the world will be saved from seeing the top of their head.

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