Stylish Hairstyles for Your Next Concert

The perfect hairstyles for concerts are easy and uncomplicated. You might not be the one performing on stage, but you still want to appear stylish and relaxed when watching your favorite artists. Whether you want to sway your hair to the music or ensure it stays neat while you dance, there are many simple styling choices for your hair the next time you attend a live music event.

We’ve gathered 16 of the easiest and most stylish ways to do your hair for a concert. These styles suit everyone, from those with short pixie cuts to those with long, carefree hair. We hope these do-it-yourself tutorials and trendy accessories will give you inspiration for your next concert hairstyle.

concert hairstyle


1.Accent Braids

“Let your hair hang naturally for a relaxed look. If you like details, add one or two small braids that will show when you’re dancing.”

Accent Braids concert hairstyle

 2.Braided Pigtail

“Braided pigtails, often seen as childish, can be stylish at concerts. If you want to avoid looking too young, 

Braided Pigtail concert hairstyle

3.Space Bun

In the 1980s and 1990s, ravers commonly rocked the space bun hairstyle. Well, in 2019, it made a comeback, and we must admit, we really like it!

Space Bun concert hairstyle

4.Glitter Root

If you’re someone who enjoys wearing their hair down but wants to add a bit of flair, this style is perfect for you. Forget about using clips, headbands, or spending time on braids. Instead, go for a dazzling look with glitter. You can create this glittery roots style on your own! Just mix the Semmé Tres Two Mega Firm Control Gel with your preferred glitter (rainbow glitter looks great), and then apply it to your roots.

Space Bun concert hairstyle

5.Twisted Messy bun 

If you want a simple hairstyle for concerts, consider a boho chic style. This easy twisted bun adds texture to your hair and keeps it off your neck.

Twisted Messy bun  concert hairstyle

6.Messy  Low Pony

1.For an extra touch, take a small section of hair and wrap it around the hairband, tucking the ends underneath

2.If you want a slightly edgier ponytail, tease your hair using a dense boar bristle  brush. This adds volume and texture to your hair while giving it a rougher appearance.

Messy  Low Pony concert hairstyle

 7.Classic Space Bun

This classic space bun hairstyle, as seen on fashion blogger and model Emma Amitis, is stunning. It features thick and high-up space buns, creating a playful and relaxed look that’s perfect for school or the weekend.

Classic Space Bun concert hairstyle
Classic Space Bun concert hairstyle

8.Top Knot Hairstyle

  1. Make a rope twist with your ponytail, then wrap it around the base to create a round bun. Use a hair tie or hairpins to secure it in place, and finish with a light application of hairspray.
  2. No need to rush out and buy a bow. You can create one with your own hair using this unique style fit for a pop princess.

9.Hair Bow

No need to rush out and buy a bow. You can create one with your own hair using this unique style fit for a pop princess.

Hair Bow Concert hairstyle

10.Corn Rows and Styled Baby Hairs

These cornrows look even more fierce when you style them with gelled baby hair. It adds the perfect edge to your look when you’re heading out to see your favorite bands or singers live.

Corn Rows and Styled Baby Hairs

11.Simple Curly Pixie

If you have short hair but want to add some texture, go for these wild, messy curls, guaranteed to enhance your concert style.

Simple Curly Pixie concert hairstyle

12.Natural Hair Twist-Out

Display your natural curls with a simple twist-out. This low-maintenance style is one of the easiest and most eye-catching hairstyles you can rock at a concert.

Natural Hair Twist-Out
concert hairstyle

13. Hair Charms

Hair charms are a stylish addition to even the most basic concert hairstyles. You can secure charms or beads on braids or random strands of hair to achieve a boho-chic look.

Hair Charms concert hairstyle

14. Pull-Through Braid

A big pull-through braid like this one will keep your hair away from your face and neck, making it ideal for summer outdoor concerts and festivals.

Pull-Through Braid
concert hairste

15.French Braid Top Knot

Elevate your half-up top knot by adding a striking French braid. This will ensure you stand out from the crowd at any music festival.

French Braid Top Knot concert hairstyle

16.Top Knot with an Accent

Give a simple top knot a trendy twist by adding a stylish accessory like a clip, barrette, or tiara. You can find these hair accessories at major department stores or in crafty online shops.

Top Knot with an Accent concert hairstyle

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