This is what the ideal female body looks like, according to science

Kelly Brook, a 36-year-old model with an ideal female body according to science, is shown here. You did read that accurately. This young lady possesses the ideal physique, according to a University of Texas research. According to the study, a figure that many women would describe as “somewhat plump” is actually close to being ideal.

Kelly is 1.68 m tall, 99-71-94 cm in size, and has never undergone cosmetic surgery. Thus, researchers concluded that “This woman is completely natural and scientifically perfect.” Height, age, face, and hair were among the factors taken into account in the study.

Given that beauty and perfection are cultural and arbitrary ideas communicated by advertising, fashion, and television, this finding astonished many individuals. These similar ideas also frequently lead to women who pursue these unhealthy ideals feeling horrible about themselves and developing eating problems.

Here is Kelly Brook, a 36-year-old model who also has the perfect body!


Yes, you read correctly. According to a study carried out by the University of Texas, this young woman has the perfect body.


Kelly is 1.68 m tall, has measurements of 99-71-94 and has no cosmetic surgery.


The study took into account characteristics such as height, age, face and hair.


This conclusion surprised many people given that beauty and perfection are cultural and arbitrary concepts conveyed by advertising, fashion and television.


Additionally, these same concepts often cause women seeking these unhealthy ideals to feel bad about themselves and develop eating disorders.



A healthy female body is built for having babies. Having bigger hips and breasts means the body can handle pregnancy and feeding babies. It’s not just about looking attractive; it’s about being strong for making and taking care of babies.


If you’re curious about what men find attractive in the female body, research shows that men tend to like women with a youthful appearance. They’re drawn to women who look fertile and healthy, especially in their facial features. Men often prefer women with a younger-looking face. They generally find delicate, youthful features more appealing. Regardless of their background, many men are more attracted to women with curvier figures and youthful faces than very slim women.

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